Professional Achievements


Inside Consulting

    • Demand side management (DSM) analysis to support utility rate case as well as new DSM program design and development
    • Designed drop and go, turn key energy conservation programs for residential customers in urban centres
    • Delivered final report to senior directors with recommendations adopted regarding the implementation of newly designed programs across entire province wide service area

Outside Consulting

  • Designed and rolled out multi year utility based, community affairs programs across over 400 communities throughout the entire province of Ontario on time and under budget
  • Planned, executed and transformed a disparate analogue group of U.S. low income partners into a state wide, web based collective, providing on site networking, training and integrated web based tools.
  • Wrote White Paper for design, construction and operation of low income, utility based, integrated, energy assistance and energy conservation programs for provincial utilities in Manitoba and Alberta.
  • Strategic Consulting and business development for Education and Publishing start up launching coordinated international in store and web based sales campaign in Japan, Korea, and North America.

Government Relations

    • Developed a sustained and coordinated multi-year campaign to identify municipal and regional politicians with direct influence over their local utility providers
    • Provided these strategic political decision makers and those with the largest stake in their communities rising homelessness problem with clear delineated causal links between rising energy poverty and increasing homelessness in Ontario
    • Partnered with provincial gas utilities and executed a municipality by municipality information campaign about the merits of a coordinated response to energy poverty while privately and publicly inviting local electrical utilities to join.
    • Made coordinated deputations to municipal councils and regional governments across Ontario
    • Presented business cases to each Hydro (LDC) board of directors to demonstrate the fiscal and community development benefits of participation
    • Met with the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Community and Social Services on 2 occasions prior to provincial election of 2003 but was unable to achieve a breakthrough
    • Immediately upon change of government submitted business case calling for the creation of provincial Emergency Energy Fund (see Provincial Emergency Energy Fund Business Case for Ministry of Community and Social Services)
    • In the absence of an effective government response approached Michael Shapcott, University of Toronto Center for Urban and Community Studies and co-founded the Low Income Energy Network, a coalition of NGOs and provincial stakeholders dedicated to fighting energy poverty.
    • Within 40 days of its creation and on the day of LIEN’s first Queens Park press conference (see CTV video) the provincial government enacted legislation funding energy assistance for the first time in the form of the proposed Provincial Emergency Energy Fund (EEF)
    • As a LIEN Steering committee member advanced a number of recommendations to address energy poverty in Ontario.
    • Over the next 6 years the provincial government responded with greater protection for low income households in the form of comprehensive energy conservation programs as well as rate payer assistance programs  in the form of the the historical 100 million dollar Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

Not for Profit

    • In response to provincial cuts to second tier women shelters. while a first year law student, drafted an unsolicited business case for Toronto Hydro and Enbridge to participate in an unprecedented energy assistance/homeless prevention program directed toward at risk families, seniors and the disabled in Toronto.
    • Successfully negotiated with Enbridge and 5 of the 6 Hydro companies operating in the GTA and launched Share the Warmth in January 1996.
    • Operated Share the Warmth on a volunteer law student basis for 3 years from a library carrel in the library of Osgoode Hall Law School
    • Expanded to Cambridge, in the region of Waterloo, in year 3 of the program while still a law student
    •   Though unsuccessful in partnering with City of London the resulting formal approach to Council results in the creation of THAW, an energy assistance program championed by recent graduates of Osgoode Hall Law School working in the City of London.
    • Pioneered the first full service, provincial, energy assistance program (gas, electricity, oil, propane, wood), in Canada preventing homelessness for over 50,000 low-income Ontarians –  STW Annual Report
    • Co-designed and delivered the first comprehensive (gas, electricity, oil) low-income energy conservation program in Ontario. Conserving Homes
    • Successfully approached private sector partners to create the first province wide, non government funded, low income emergency furnace repair program in Canadian history. (See Climate Care Emergency Repair Program)
    • leveraged collective buying power of private sector oil delivery companies to purchase emergency oil deliveries at below market prices for low income households


  • Developed unique fundraising and awareness vehicles to provide funds, awareness and new partnerships for charities in Canada and the United States raising in excess of 20 million dollars to date.
  • Ball Hockey Challenge

Social Entrepreneurship

  •  Devised revolutionary business case demonstrating the benefits of utility partnership in an energy assistance program: the reduction in operating costs (call times and call volumes of low income customers estimated at 20 percent of total customer base but 35 percent of call time and call volumes), the reduction in stranded debt and an increase in community profile by partnering.
  • Innovated the first end to end, web based application for delivering charitable services in North America and facilitated training and web access for hundreds of not for profit programs in Ontario as well as in the state of Michigan.

Community Recognition

  • Recognized by CTV News as a “Canadian Success Story”
  • Volunteer of the Year: City of Toronto
  • Awarded City TV’s “Livable City Award” in recognition of
    contributions to the City of Toronto